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Organic Seed Oil: Nourish & Beautify

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    30ml Organic Seed Oil Skin Antioxidant Smooth Wrinkle Fade Spots Moisturizing Nourish Hair Organic Cold Press Carrier Oil

    • Natural and practical: This oil is refined from selected plant seeds, boasting a unique aroma and taste of plant seeds, and is emerald green in color.
    • Ideal for stress relief: Its properties are ideal for stress relief, helping to create a soothing and calming environment.
    • Improves sleep: The oil aids in slowing down the racing brain, promoting high-quality, relaxing deep sleep.
    • Nourishes Hair: A rich source of nutrients that benefit hair health, promoting nourished and healthy-looking hair.


    • Capacity: 30ml (30000mg)
    • Use way: Apply to skin until it is absorbed

    Packing List: 1 * Oil

    Organic Seed Oil: Nourish & Beautify